Lacklustre is proud to announce that we have released our SECOND EP, "less than you deserve".

Like our debut EP, "all downhill from here", this new record was recorded 100% socially-distanced style during the COVID-19 pandemic with our good buddy Jarrett Nicolay at Mixtape Studios, "less than you deserve" features five BRAND NEW instant classics by Gary, Tim, and Sam. Also, check out that cover illustration by local hero Fiona Barnett!

Click the link below to head over to bandcamp and give us a listen. Grab one song, or grab them all - name your price and Lacklustre is yours!

For you streaming fans, Lacklustre is also available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all the other major streaming services and if each of you start listening now on repeat, we might have $1.89 in royalties by the end of the year!



Lacklustre began as a brown liquor inspired conversation between band mates Tim Barnett and Gary Cantrell around the dying embers of a campfire in December 2014. For nearly three years, the "band" served merely as an excuse to gather friends at the neighborhood watering hole to debate such things as the proper length of shag carpet and the appropriate barbarian scene that would adorn their band van once they stormed the scene.

While Tim and Gary were talking up their fictional band around the neighborhood, Sam Jones and James Barnes were actually making music and honing their skills in a local punk rock band. After the unfortunate and pre-mature breakup of their band, Sam and James, wanting to keep on rocking, reached out to Tim and Gary to join forces and finally bring Lacklustre from concept to reality.

Lacklustre now plays semi-regularly in the DC area, having adorned the stage at local festivals, dive-bars, neighborhood block parties, and the occasional sold-out-gig on the waterfront. They have released two EP's and are working on descending further into debt to produce their third release in the not-too-distant future.

As founding member Sam Jones says: "You gotta spend money to lose money"


"Sure, their first gig was with the Derds, but this isn't OUR fault."

— Jim Crowe, the Derds
"James and I are childhood friends...maybe that clouded my judgement. We let them open for us that one time. HUGE mistake."

— Andrew Poliakoff, Virginia Coalition
"I saw them at the Number 9 Lounge for free. I guess I got what I paid for."

— Annie Reynolds, Lacklustre Groupie

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